Basement Waterproofing Systems in Arjay

Water in the basement is a common problem that many Arjay homeowners have to deal with. This kind of seepage problem must be taken care of quickly before more serious damage is done to the home. Also, even if you haven't noticed any moisture yet, it's a great idea to take a step toward preventing seepage under your home.

Many waterproofing contractors agree that the No Water System® is perfect for keeping water from flooding the basement environment or from causing moisture damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. Read on to learn more about the No Water System®:

  1. Conforms to 2008 International Residential Code
  2. Actually is able to carry water without a perforated system
  3. Environmentally-friendly and 100% contained
  4. Designed to never clog
  5. Prevents Radon gas from getting into the home
  6. Can be put in place in your basement without damage to walls
  7. Functions as a collection system instead of as a movement system like most traditional drainage systems
  8. Can be set up fast
  9. Basement floor can be restored to original thickness following installation
  10. Prevents water from damaging your personal belongings or from fostering the growth of dangerous mold or mildew

How Does it Work?

The system has two components, the Footing Gutter™ and the Bullet Track®. The Footing Gutter™ moves water freely to the sump pump or drainage system, and the Bullet Track® prevents debris from clogging up the system.

Importance of Having a Moisture-Free Basement

Even if you don't have a finished basement or have any intentions of ever finishing it, you still need to be sure that this area is kept dry, safe, and healthy. After all, when you have moisture here, it's going to cause a lot of expensive damage over time. It's a proven fact that this seepage can cause serious damage to wooden materials below your home that help to support its weight. When this happens, wood rots, warps, and decays, and needless to say, this will cause issues for your home's structural integrity. Also, this basement moisture will lead to the development of nasty mold. This fungus can make your home smell really musty, and it will also cause medical conditions for you and your family members.

How Do I Know If I Have Basement Seepage Problems?

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You will need to get in touch with a waterproofer immediately if you notice any of the following:

  1. Obvious puddles on the floor of the basement
  2. Water stains appear on walls, floors, or ceilings
  3. Mold can be seen growing
  4. Upper living areas of the home smell musty
  5. Spots on the first floor feel un-level due to sagging, moisture-filled floor joists

Find a Local Waterproofer

For more information about getting the No Water System® installed in the basement of your Arjay home, please give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for a FREE estimate, and to find a local waterproofer in your town who offers this exceptional waterproofing system.

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